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Ok, maybe I just don't understand what the grouping suggestions mean, but as I recall, the Esseles was listed as Group 2. I took that to mean that my Girlfriend and I, along with our respective companions, should have been able to do the flashpoint, without too much trouble.

We got through trash ok. It was nothing, we blazed through that.

But then we met Ironfist.

For being a Level 8-11 Flashpoint, given to noobs just leaving Tython, you'd think this would be a fairly simple Flashpoint to get through, in order to teach people how flashpoints operate.

Couldn't be more wrong.

I'm rolling a Jedi Guardian. She is rolling a Jedi Shadow. We got our collective Force-using butts handed to us. Wipe after wipe, we simply couldn't get Ironfist down before he toasted us, still having about 20-25% of his HP left.

We tried a variety of methods. We cleared adds as they came, he killed us.

We tried to bomb him down, ignoring the adds, he killed us.

We brought in another player, a Trooper, and he killed us.

We tried pulling him back away from the add spawns so they wouldn't be a factor, he still killed us.

What is the deal with Ironfist?

Is the [Group 2+] tag a joke? Is it meant to be Group 2+ only if you are leet, fully geared and are experts in your class?

Not sure what the deal is, but it certainly put a dmaper on the fun we were having up to that point, and we eneded up dropping it and moving on, and the GF doesn't ever want to try it again!

Were we just doing it wrong, or is there a serious learning curve required to defeat Ironfist?
Look, we got four or five of the main characters on this ship. I think we're gonna be okay.