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Don't forget Cybertech getting thrown under the bus as well, with the best ship parts being bought with Cartel Coins.

All I can say is thier apparent disregard for the community as they chase the almighty dollar never ceases to amaze me.

If only they would wake up and notice that "Free To Plays" don't typically craft. So, the people you are ignoring, or upsetting, are the exact folks you claim to be trying to grow.

"Common Sense Isn't."


I can understand the frustration. Many of us that have been subscribers since the beginning see it. However, keep in mind that these steps they are talking are literally to keep this mmo alive at all. They're going to make mistakes, and hopefully they'll fix them. You're right in everything you're saying, it's just the reality is, they are between a rock and a hard oplace. Hopefully, they'll see things like these posts and get it right. Time will tell. In the mean time, I still make a crap load of credits from farming.