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I'd love to have this, although there could be problems with actually implementing different weapon permissions. Still, I'd love to have a Mercenary running around with a giant cannon on his back. My only change though, would be for specific animation swaps, or general ideal swaps, but not ENTIRE swaps. (Say for example, I want my Sorcerer to use Jedi Healing animations, but otherwise I want to run around zapping/draining my enemies.)

I would also like it, instead, to even TRANSCEND class in certain areas (IE: Operative can use Mind Trap, Bounty Hunter can use Electrocute, abilities that do pretty much the same thing should have swappable animations.)

i think if Bioware did this, I would never stop throwing money in their face, this would be the best thing they did since they actually released the game itself.

However, I don't think it should require active level 50 characters, because guess who can't have that? F2Pers and Preferred. So instead, how about when we unlock the Class Animation (/smuggler, /warrior, etc.) that we also unlock the ability to swap animations with that class.

Who knows, if this works out, we could even start talking about swapping Companions! (Yes, my Mercenary is looking at YOU, Elara.)
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