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Eh, I liked Belsavis because it was kind of like a first contact scenario, and it actually felt as though I could fail in winning over the Esh-Kha. The final battle was also pretty exciting with the way I pounded at the door as Hallow Voice was basically being murdered, although I thought it was kind of weak that I just healed him(?) after his organs were probably fried from being forced out of stasis. It would have been more dramatic to break down the door before that happened, in my opinion.

My time on Belsavis was really the only part of the consular story I enjoyed, however, because it feels like the only point in the story which requires you to make difficult decisions. The character of the consular is pretty much a mary-sue in that (at least when played light-side) they possess no notable character flaws and are able to bypass dramatic plot points by simply using their powers to fix everything (as in the case of Vivicar and Syo).

I mean, I'm playing a jedi master, so I suppose I can forgive the lack of character flaws, but even so, I never really need to make difficult decisions; I've also played through the trooper, smuggler, and bounty hunter stories, and I simply can't become as invested in the consular story as I can with those. The others all require difficult decisions which you solve by considering your principles (the bounty hunter story is really freaking good in that respect), but the consular story doesn't have much other than light side/dark side.

TL;DR: It's pretty meh.