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let me ask you this.

why add a mechanic to a high heat ability that makes kiting more effective, rather than just remove the cast time on PS? (i would not use or like this at all...heat management while attempting to burst is bad enough, imo. god forbid you have to use IR then MB. you'll be rapid shotting your way to a revive point)

both make kiting more effective, essentually. and making PS instant hurts NOTHING. same dps in PvP and PvE. or, make it elemental damage and reduce it's damage. say on par with, VG/PT!!

that's just Merc/PT.

Arsenal needs a bit more. i'm stuck on mirroring it to more of a sniper type root/cast HIGH DPS. uniterruptable, cannot jump to while HEC is active, increased melee defense while HEC is active...(just ideas on Arsenal...i don't partake in Arse play. :P )

and both should get some sort of movement immunity for 2+v1 scenarios. (i like the idea of putting it on shield)

very minor changes, maximum results. just seems right to me.
first, use Rapid Shots/Hammer shot to proc the burn effect. Incendiary Round/Missile is a massive waste of heat for no reason. overall heat management is fine. as a pyrotech i can play an entire pvp match with non-stop combat and never run into trouble with heat management.

removing the cast time on Power Shot doesnt give Merc a *much* needed on demand slow effect (both as overall group utility and an escapability skill). all it does is make Pyrotech a god at kiting (arsenal would be pretty good at it too tbh), and TBH i would prefer changes that will not immediately bring the tears of the entire community to bear against us. and reducing its damage is not an option IMO. Merc damage is 100% fine where it is. it needs to fiddling with.

Missile Blast is ideal for a slow effect. high heat + low damage = not worth spamming. meaning you will not see Mercs spamming Missile Blast all over the place and perma-slowing everyone. it will be a situation-based ability, which is how it should be imo.

again, if i wanted to play a sniper i would have rolled one. i know a lot of Mercs that feel the same way. it is possible to come up with other mechanics that allow ranged classes to function in this game. youre literally asking for everything a Merc does to be changed it the sniper equivalent. if you want that playstyle, there is already a class that has it.

movement immunity? man, have you even read the whole OP? my suggestions:

- Arsenal: Jet Boost (when talented) would give 4s 30% speed boost for getting out of dodge quick
- Pyrotech: Energy Shield (when talented) would give immunity to root/slow effects for its duration
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