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First of all sorry if it was discussed before, but I couldn't find a thread about it.

My Jedi sage never flirted with Tharan, but when he asked her about showing his gratitude in private, she told him that he already has a woman in his life and that she does not want to hurt Holidays feelings. This gave me only -1 affection points, whereas choosing the "no way/go back to work" answer in the beginning of the dialogue, would have give -58 points. So I thought I go with the low affection loss and still nothing happens between the two. Tharan was really disappointed because of this answer, too.

But then the strange thing happened: in the next dialogue, he told me that our "liaison" has to end.

What liaison? I don't know if this is a bug or if by choosing the "I don't want to hurt her feelings" line, the game took it as if there is nevertheless something between Tharan and my Jedi, although I never flirted with him...

Maybe it is not a bug, but I found this dialogue line very strange and not fitting. Or it is Tharans personality, thinking there is something between him and my Jedi although there is nothing?

Any ideas on this?

And sorry for my english - it is not my native language.
I had this same issue. Probably a bug, but I just took it as there was indeed something between us (in HIS head). Theran is very self-involved, so just assume its him deluding himself into thinking you were into him and he was letting you down easy.