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regarding Section VI, Guild Tools, and see sig for Guild Charter and player's Guild Support tools:

Joined a guild again, and like any time in the past, went from running dailies solo, to:
  • Full Rakata and Black Hole gear in a matter of days
  • Running HM Flashpoints and SM/HM Ops within days
  • Alot of knowledge about how mechanics and endgame works
  • Big shift in focus from dailies to FPs and Ops.

Basically, what you expect when you are part of a guild that uses voice, and is active, right? No surprise.

We'll see how the personalities mesh, but that's the problem... have to be in a guild to enjoy things like the above, and have to put up with a guild to enjoy the above. Be great if Bioware would provide the tools necessary to get more people into good guild fits, and more guilds with tools to build better charters and expectations for gaming communities of adult players.

So more people can enjoy the game... alot more.

P.S. regarding Section IX, gear grind, find that its alot of activity for activities sake. A real grind. However the things the groups like to do are not gear oriented, but things like masks, vehicles... get the most enthusiastic engagement. All corresponds with what's said in the OP, redirecting good content and loot, that isn't hung on a gear grind and gates.
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