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And Aurbere the way I see it is that while Grievous is a brilliant tactician he is not a charismatic leader like Dooku and does not have Sidious pulling the strings to benefit the Sepratists and hinder the Republic (which he did to prolong the Clone Wars) Now Sidious was by no means commanding the Sepratist war effort, that's all down to Grievous. But he was making moves to benefit the Sepratists and hinder the Republic, which was a significant factor in CIS success during the Clone Wars. This time Grievous doesn't have that advantage, but does he need it?
Didn't I say that? Eh, no problem.

Grievous isn't lacking in the tactics department, but he is lacking the schemes of Sidious and the charisma of Count Dooku. Does he need them? Against the Republic, yes. Against Mandalore, no. If Grievous wants to keep the Seperatist Council in line, he can just employ the Tarkin Doctrine. Obviously not THE Tarkin Doctrine, but something similar to it. He would be using fear to keep them in line. And for those that read Labrynth of Evil, that will work on the Nemoidians and some of the other Alliance members.

As for the schemes. I don't know. I don't see Sidious' schemes as being necessary to take down Mandalore. Grievous handled the huk just fine. I think he can handle the Mandalorians.
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