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12.29.2012 , 02:12 PM | #4
I think this would be an amazing idea.

Limiting BHs to pistols only is against canon as is limiting force lightning to Sith.

I'm not so sure about using mirror class animations although obviously some weapon specific animations would have to be shared, but being able to use weapons of the mirror class should be something that can be implemented with a minimum of effort.

I would go a step further and also add light side/darkside restrictions to shared mirror class abilities along with legacy level restrictions. I.E. having a LS consular spamming forcestorm would kinda be ridiculous.

Racial unlocks already force us to level up 50s on both Imp and Pub if we want to use the faction restricted races on the other side. This would simply give us more incentive to level characters and reward those of us who have reached Legacy cap. This would be a nice perk restricted only to those of us who have been playing a long time and have put weeks of our lives into the game.

Rewarding loyal supporters is good business practice but unfortunately it's something that BW doesn't seem to know how to do (all we get for the 1 yr anniversary is fireworks? ugh).