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Bad Romance

“What are you reading, my Lord?” Quinn asked as he peered over Ald’s shoulder.

Ald hopped in his seat and spun around. He hadn’t heard the man come up. He hadn’t even sensed him! He was good. Sneaky bugger.

Ald flipped his datapad down into his lap and tried to smile. Quinn stared at him with a blank face and piercing eyes.

“Just a story,” Ald said with a weak smile.

“Fiction, non-fiction, strategy?” Quinn queried. His eyes glowed brighter as he stared down at Ald.

“Uh… fiction.”

“What genre?”

“I don’t think that matters,” Ald laughed.

Quinn moved from behind Ald and stood in front of him. With a quick arm swipe, he grabbed Ald’s datapad and stepped back. Ald looked down at his now empty hand, up at Quinn, back down at his hand, then back up to Quinn. Horror spread across his face. He could tell Quinn was judging him. His face flushed with embarrassment when Quinn’s eyes rose from the datapad to his. Oh, stars, he was going to hear it now. It was innocent, really, it really was. Just a romance. Sort of.

“This series is terrible, my Lord,” Quinn murmured. He walked to Ald and handed him his datapad. “I can recommend something similar and far, far better than this drivel.”

“You read this sort of thing?” Ald asked, arching a quizzical brow ridge.

“Out of curiosity.”

Ald chuckled and Quinn frowned. “Alright, what do you recommend?”

“I’ll send you a copy of my most glorious find in that genre. You’ll be pleased. I guarantee it.”

“Can’t wait.”


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