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That is a good point, as long as Grievous is churning out battle droids their going to keep supporting him because for them war = money. However I think my argument still stands in that other sepratists supporters e.g former senators will want nothing to do with a war against Mandalorians unless they profit from it, and not all of them do. Nor will many of them want to be led by a cyborg general. However I agree with you that the important part of the Sepratist forces still stands, the droids armies and navies. I was just pointing out that the Sepratists won't have such a great infrastructure. Still more than MtU though.

And a very good point about morale, can't see any counter arguments for that.

Speaking of counter arguments no one has yet refuted my point about Grievous invading Dxun, curious.

P.S. is it just me or do you always side with the droids?

By that logic, we can say some Mandalorian clans will not participate in the war against droids because there is no glory in it, seeing as glory is their "profit". We have seen Mandalorian clans defy Mandalore before, and they could very well in this Kaggath. Basically what I'm getting at is that saying allies would suddenly not participate in the war because of who they are fighting doesn't make much sense. Allies will probably remain allies unless converted to the enemy side. Or else we get into this kind of argument, where we guess at who might defect. Reguardless of what I just said, if the CIS loses supporters based on fighting Mandos, the Mandalorians will lose support based on fighting droids.

Why would people not want to follow a cyborg?

The Dxun thing hasn't been refuted because its true. Grievous can invade whatever he wants and win. The Mandos will have to do hit-and-runs. But when Grievous lands his forces somewhere, it's all over.

P.S. Have you seen my signature? Droids are very underestimated in Star Wars, but I feel they're one of the most important and interesting aspects of the Star Wars universe. Just ask R2-D2, he was the real hero of the movies!
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