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Like I said in the OP, though, every single Act I has the same story structure. Let's take the most commonly cited favorite the IA. The IA faces the exact same issue and choice on every planet. Break up the terrorist cell. That's it. If the JC story can be boiled down to "save the master or heal them", then the IA story is "break up terrorist cell". The JK is "recover/destroy superweapon", the BH is "get bounty", the Trooper is "catch/kill traitor", etc.

This is what blows my mind. If you judge the JC story by its skeleton, why not the others?
Some people have complained about the "skeletons" of other class stories. I can't recall seeing it in any recent thread, but I know around release there were at least a few threads complaining about the JK storyline because it was just "destroy superweapon" planet after planet. I know I've seen people complain about the BH storyline being repetitive.

As for why some people complain solely about one class story being repetitive but not another, I imagine it is how well the sub plots of the planet suck them in making them forget the over reaching plot. Maybe the JC complaints really stem from people not finding the B plots interesting enough to make them forget the repetition in the A plot. *shrug*

As a side note, I feel it is necessary to point out that the SW actually managed to avoid the repetition present in the other storylines somewhat by making the two sets of two planets have different objectives.

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When I got to Act III with the IA and finished Belsavis, I nearly stopped right there, but the desire to complete my legacy powers drives me on. It blows my mind that people really like:


But the Children of the Emperor storyline is somehow unworthy. I don't know, I guess I'm looking at this from a literary sense. I'm starting to think, it's not the story that bother people, it's the role. The story holds up as a narrative better than most of the others. But I think people just didn't like what the JC was expected to do. Nevermind that it fits the lore and class to a tee. But to say that the JC story is poorly written and the IA is well-written just makes me go: ---->
Hey now.


While the role is probably part of the reason that the class is disliked, I don't think that covers everything. While I think the over reaching storyline was fine for the most part, I think that its execution was lacking. It wasn't as good at drawing me in and making me care about the events and characters as any other class story(except for the SI which is the most poorly executed of the class stories). The IA storyline by contrast made me really care about what happened to my agent. I cared about what was happening to him during Chapter 2. I found the conspiracy in Chapter 3 to be interesting.

P.S. I think you might have missed my previous post which is at the top of the current page(at least with my forum settings).
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