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12.29.2012 , 01:07 PM | #21
Someone made an observation that may apply to those of us w/ the supposed "memory leak" CTD issue...

However many GB of RAM you have, that's how many hours you can play before crashing. The game slowly uses up 1 GB / hour of play. (this seems to speed up if you load a lot, for example, lots of PvP matches)

So I'm on XP. Only reads ~ 3GB of my RAM. I usually crash after around 3hrs. And I crash even more frequently if I load into/out of areas a lot.

Tracer Missile wasn't even close to a Merc's most powerful attack.
Suckwads spammed it, other suckwads lost to it.
Most apparently didn't even know they had an interrupt. Smart nerf, BW!