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12.29.2012 , 12:54 PM | #31
I hate tanking Kaon so much.

I like healing it alright but it's kind of tiresome.

The other day my new Marauder got Kaon, and I went in there the first time as a DPS. I did all the things that as a healer and PARTICULARLY as a tank I wish DPS would do - run out of bad things, kill dangerous things first, interrupt mercs, etc. It went great and I had a blast!

And then I realized why Kaons are usually so aggravating - it is the Tier 1 FP most dependent on DPS being aware for things to go well.

I think it'd be great if they upped the difficulty and stuck it in Tier 2. It is the only Tier 1 FP that anyone might specifically queue for with any regularity, which I'm sure adds to why a lot of us see it more often than any other. Why not isolate it in it's own little pool of people doing the Rakghoul Weekly. At least then you're guaranteed a decent group if they're already capable of doing LI.
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