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my suggestion for Missile Blast/Explosive Round was to give it a on-demand slow. the high heat cost means it cant be spammed effectively, and the low damage makes it a good candidate for a secondary effect.

obviously i think the slow should only be for Merc/Mando. PT/VG already have enough utility.

making Missile Blast/Explosive Round the proc/debuff applier for either spec would be changing the basic mechanics too far imo. part of the trade-off of a ranged class is having to stop and cast. my Run and Gun idea is the solution for when we *need* to move and shoot, but when we arent being directly attacked by melee opponents, stopping and casting usually is not a big deal. balancing the weaknesses and strengths is key; right now Merc/Mando has no strengths and all weaknesses for the most part.
let me ask you this.

why add a mechanic to a high heat ability that makes kiting more effective, rather than just remove the cast time on PS? (i would not use or like this at all...heat management while attempting to burst is bad enough, imo. god forbid you have to use IR then MB. you'll be rapid shotting your way to a revive point)

both make kiting more effective, essentually. and making PS instant hurts NOTHING. same dps in PvP and PvE. or, make it elemental damage and reduce it's damage. say on par with, VG/PT!!

that's just Merc/PT.

Arsenal needs a bit more. i'm stuck on mirroring it to more of a sniper type root/cast HIGH DPS. uniterruptable, cannot jump to while HEC is active, increased melee defense while HEC is active...(just ideas on Arsenal...i don't partake in Arse play. :P )

and both should get some sort of movement immunity for 2+v1 scenarios. (i like the idea of putting it on shield)

very minor changes, maximum results. just seems right to me.
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