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12.29.2012 , 12:41 PM | #21
My fiancee definitely went over the top with Star Wars stuff this year (not that I mind of course ):
- A Darth Vader jacket
- 3 different calendars (movie edition, comic book edition, and a day-at-a-time one)
- An X-wing ice cube tray
- 2 picture frames - one says "We have powerful friends" and lights up and the other one says "This will be a day long remembered!"
- Star Wars family car decals
- And last but not least, the so-called "Fett Box" containing a Fett shirt, a Fett costume hoodie, a wallet with Fett showing Han in carbonite reflecting in his visor, the skiff barge/sarlaac pit Lego set, and an M&M Fett candy dispenser/mini-fan

...Oh and a few non-SW things too

She also willingly sat through the bootleg DVD of the Holiday Special that I found online. She's definitely a keeper lol
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