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Here's the thing: it's not that Greivous isn't a great commander without Dooku and Sidious telling him what to do. I believe that Greivous often made his own successful plans. But we were rating Greivous earlier based off of his war with the Republic. Sidious was often pulling the strings to expose/weaken the Republic. Imagine how well Greivous would have done in the war without Sidious. He wouldn't have been quite as successful. That's the main point here I think.
Grievous seemed to handle the Huk just fine, but that was back when he wasn't a cyborg.

At any rate. Grievous is an excellent commander in his own right and has the numbers and industry to overwhelm Mandalore. Not to mention that the destruction of any of Grievous' factories doesn't hurt Grievous that much. Remember that the CIS didn't have large garrisons unless blockading a planet, they were all stored in the Star Cruisers.

Let's take the Lucrehulk for example. One of them can carry almost 140,000 Battle Droids and 7,000 tanks. Now imagine ten or even fifty of them. That's roughly seven million droids and 350,000 tanks right there. But I doubt that's all the Lucrehulks Grievous has.

Really, Mandalore can destroy as many planets as he wants, but he wont put a real dent in Grievous' forces.

Edit: The numbers above are for the old Droid Control Ships. The new repurposed military vessels are a different story.

330,000 Battle Droids and almost 7,000 tanks aboard just one of them.
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