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Ah now we're getting somewhere
So, i guess you know what my next question is : how do i get this HK Droid ? It seemed to me that you had to be lv.50 to start the quest to get him, but maybe i'm mistaken ?

Ok, but the thing is that i really dont know where to start ... maybe this is a bit off-topic then, but could you give me the basics of all this high-level-currency PvE gear ??
1. HK-51 You do have to be level 50 to start the quest and have a toon of the opposite faction to get parts needed for at least 1 part of the quest. Quest chain starts on Belsavis - Section X. There is a 2+ Heroic you need to do to start it (I solo'ed it on my Marauder and my Shadow) That gets you started and from there the biggest issue is finding the parts which can be annoying as crap since you have to scan certain areas. The last part does require another Heroic that you may need another person for.

2. Gear - Are you talking crystals or actual gear you wear in game. End game Pve crystals no matter how high provide +41 stats for Endurance, Critical, and Power I believe. Various colors.
Clothing is Tionese (which is given to you once you hit 50. Involves one mission from mission terminal in Supplies section on Fleet)
Columi which is way better than Tionese and what you need to complete at least Tier 2 HM FPs
Rakata is higher than Columi which is what you need to complete most SM Operations and HM Operations but can also be done in Columi
Black Hole - has some great pieces but are endurance heavy and great for tanks or mixing and matching to get the stats you want. For instance, on my Marauder I grabbed all the implants, ear piece, and boots and the rest is Columi or Rakata.
Campaign - Obviously better than the other gear lol
Dread Guard - Havent gotten any yet (I usually only run HM Ops)
All of the above gear is obtainable by running HM FP's or SM or HM Ops.

I'm sure someone has a better explanation since I'm at work answer questions from my agents on the floor lol
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