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All it takes for Ventress to assassinate Mandalore is a simple Force Choke.

This isn't a Hollywood movie, if Ventress could kill him quick like that, she would. No amount of Beskar could save Mandalore from the Force.
Both your post make sense.
There would be no honor or glory in this fight . It is highly likely it would never happen outside of this forums.

I cannot remember a fight Ventress had with none forceusers she ran from either . I am not sure about the force choke on MtU either . Revan could use force choke , but maybe he just was so inlove with the battle .

Maybe next we can put the Separatists Driod Army against the Yuuzhan Vong . Seems only fair .
I know almost every Star Wars fan hates the Vong but they are canon ..............
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