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12.29.2012 , 11:17 AM | #1
I'm about to roll another tank because I like them. I just finished my VG, fun, but I'm an altoholic when it comes to tanks. I like having them all and any given day switch my tanking style to how I feel.

I keeping hearing from my Tanking partner (Guardian) that AoE tanking is a bit more difficult than the Shadow or VG. So I asked him if grenades from Cybertech would help a bit? He said he didn't know but didn't want to give up Biochem for it.

So my question to more experienced tanks, would cybertech help much in AoE tanking for a Guardian? Would it help enough to justify choosing Cybertech over Biochem? Last question, how big a deal is Biochem for a tank, like it you had a VG with it and a VG without biochem stims, how much a difference does it make?

Thanks much.