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I guess I missed Mefit's point concerning Greivous's lack of Dooku and especially Sidious. This certainly changes things. That's an excellent point. With that in mind (and my previous points) I give a clear tactics advantage to MtU. This battle suddenly seems like it is in the realm of winnable for MtU. With a advantage in troop quality, ship quality, and tactics, MtU is gonna give an excellent fight. I'd love to see him beat Greivous. Although a victory for MtU now seems to be possible, I still imagine that Greivous will win by a bit.

Greivous's greatest advantage (imo) is his industry. What industry does MtU have? To the best of my knowledge he commands a army, not a nation. Armies are great for fighting and all, but in a prolonged war, you need citizens and factories. What citizens does MtU have? I imagine he has some slaves, but not many due to his bombard-worlds tactics. He can recruit soldiers and mercenaries, but they won't be of the same quality as Mandos. Also, I don't see how MtU is gonna create ships quickly enough to make up for lost ships.

So industry and recruitment seems to be a big problem for MtU. I saw someone mention something about Mtu having War Forges though? What are those?
Don't get carried away now, MtU by no means has the advantage in ship and troop quality. B1 battle droids are admittedly blaster fodder, but they were designed to be. And Grievous has B2 battle droids, commando droids, droidekas, crab droids, tactician droids, commando droids, hailfire droids and those big scary airships. IMO these, in overwhelming numbers, decimate the Mandalorians on the ground. But MtU can still get the advantage in space and tactically in general. But then again the CIS navy did rival the Republic's in their golden era. And they also had a wealth of tacticians including tactician droids which are actually pretty good. (especially this second generation)

However in terms of industry e.g. planets, civilians, factories. I think that would begin to fall apart without Dooku or Sidious... still, he'd have more industry that Mandalore and could still invade Dxun