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Of course this goes both ways Fun to see that a 1250 expertise jugg with 1000 bonus damage will smash a person with over 1300 expertise for 5-6k and if it is a sage for probably 7-8k.
^ thats me, but i am guardian with 1250 expertise. Oh yes, and i reroll my sentinel today from watchman to focus too, cuz smash or be smashed .

The reason why obvious 6-6.5 k smash makes 7-8 k is simply:

1. 5 stacks of armor penetration from sundering strike = -20% armor reduction
2. Sent's buff "inspiration" = +15% damage increase
3. Force leap with vindicator armoring bonus = +10% damage

So, 7-8 k smashes are rare, but happens, especially on bad sorcs