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As i said earlier, on first analysis, a few hundred points of expertise changes the damage by up to 1.5k on a person. The effectiveness in damage dealt varies as well of course. So why would a sage or a scoundrel stack over 1300 expertise if he gets hit like a truck by someone with less expertise? We are talking about survivability here and expertise with a 20% damage reduction at how high crits are nowadays is quite useless. What is the difference between 9.6k crit and 8k given how fast you are killed (using a 20% dmg reduction from expertise on an 8k hit)?

They took out active relics and adrenals because the crits were too damn high and wanted to make a change in pvp. I say it worked out pretty well ...
Heh, yeah removing adrenals and relics just made it harder to burst heal through the damage lol

Well if a couple hundred points of expertise means a difference of 1.5k damage on a sweep, then the damage reduction tooltip is deceiving (like it is with WoW's resilience) and the damage reduction scales better the more you have.