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I guess I missed Mefit's point concerning Greivous's lack of Dooku and especially Sidious. This certainly changes things. That's an excellent point. With that in mind (and my previous points) I give a clear tactics advantage to MtU. This battle suddenly seems like it is in the realm of winnable for MtU. With a advantage in troop quality, ship quality, and tactics, MtU is gonna give an excellent fight. I'd love to see him beat Greivous. Although a victory for MtU now seems to be possible, I still imagine that Greivous will win by a bit.
You took the words right out of my mouth. This is exactly what I see happening in the Kaggath.

On another note though, I would like to point out these,Kandosii-type dreadnaught. I don't know numbers, but I can see these being very helpful in battle for the Mandalorians. Any information on them would be helpful though. I'll try to do more research in support of the Mandalorians as soon as possible.

For Mandalore!

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