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Cryin' shadow, sentinel and scoundrel healer makes me laugh...
You must excel at reading. Where was I crying? You read cake and interpret as screwdriver. Thanks for your input. Back on topic, while I agree expertise is a factor in PVP and has a role, it seems that when it comes to do what is says on the tooltip I see full wh sages being hit for 8k by smashers. Of course, my test is not perfect and I am still collating data from pvp but in most cases being hit for so high with maximum amount of expertise seems quite interesting. Of course this goes both ways Fun to see that a 1250 expertise jugg with 1000 bonus damage will smash a person with over 1300 expertise for 5-6k and if it is a sage for probably 7-8k.

As i said earlier, on first analysis, a few hundred points of expertise changes the damage by up to 1.5k on a person. The effectiveness in damage dealt varies as well of course. So why would a sage or a scoundrel stack over 1300 expertise if he gets hit like a truck by someone with less expertise? We are talking about survivability here and expertise with a 20% damage reduction at how high crits are nowadays is quite useless. What is the difference between 9.6k crit and 8k given how fast you are killed (using a 20% dmg reduction from expertise on an 8k hit)?

They took out active relics and adrenals because the crits were too damn high and wanted to make a change in pvp. I say it worked out pretty well ...