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I didn't say that individual planets didn't have their little subplots and complications. Every class story experiences this. These subplots are baseline, and for each class they serve an overarching plot. The overarching plot is what I'm criticizing - for the JC it is incredibly repetitive. I compared it to the BH's story because that story also has a repetitive overarching story. This kind of story is naturally boring, and I think BH Act I is one of the weaker stories because of it, but it is still better written and more interesting than JC Act I.
Like I said in the OP, though, every single Act I has the same story structure. Let's take the most commonly cited favorite the IA. The IA faces the exact same issue and choice on every planet. Break up the terrorist cell. That's it. If the JC story can be boiled down to "save the master or heal them", then the IA story is "break up terrorist cell". The JK is "recover/destroy superweapon", the BH is "get bounty", the Trooper is "catch/kill traitor", etc.

This is what blows my mind. If you judge the JC story by its skeleton, why not the others?
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