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12.29.2012 , 08:48 AM | #4
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Could just merge it with a high pop PvP server and put a RP tag o nthat new server. 98% of the rp server doesn't rp. I don't think it'd matter. Offer xfers to a RPPVE and a plain PvP.

Only problem is BW/EA don't know how to communicate or listen effectively to make a successful choice.
At this point merging with a PvP would in my opinion cause more negativity than positivity.
Both have established communites who know what they want. If RP-PvPers wanted to be around PvPers they'd play on a PvP server to begin with, same thing goes the other way around of course.

As for transfers, Jung Ma is/was the perfect server for people who wanted both PvP and RP and didn't want to compromise. The day they add transfers or merge this server is the day that kind of player gets screwed over. It's sad.