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I have multiple 50s and have pvp-ed in swtor since the game launched. Now my server, TOFN, is full of people who opt to join PVP in PVE gear. It makes me cringe and have always asked them nicely to get the free pvp gear. Seeing this phenomenon more and more prevalent, I decided to make an experiment of my own. Without further ado, please find below.

1. I put my elite war hero survivor gear on my shadow, opted for maximum expertise, and went in pvp. Smashes on me vary between 5.4k-5.9k. Railshot hits between 4.0k and 4.9k. I have 24k hp and pyro burst takes me down in a few seconds from 50% when I am stunned. This is in tank spec 31 0 10.

2. I took my sentinel, replaced the war hero gear it has with the full battle master set I had in my ship. I went in pvp, I get smashed between 5.9k- and 6.4k with a one time 6.7k. Railshot constantly hits above 5k and pyro burst kills me in electrocute or whatever their stun is called. I often see messages of the type 'defeated by flame something 4000 damage'.

3. I took my scoundrel healer and decided to mix and match. Kept warhero, put two recruit weapons, two war hero relics, custom belt and braces, black hole implants. Expertise a bit over 800. I enter pvp and the smash damage I take varies between 6.4 and 7.6k. Railshots are 6k and a pyro's burst will kill me in 1.8 seconds the time needed to cast 1 heal on myself.

If we first look at the two extremes, shadow vs scoundrel, we will see that the over 500 expertise between these two mitigates up to 1.5k damage per smash. Turning now to the sentinel, which has a tad less expertise than the shadow, we have a a difference of up to 1k per smash. It seems to me that PVP revolves more around inherent class damage mitigation than expertise. So why stack expertise over the old battle master level? Lots of theory crafting about how expertise works and what it does, my post provides PVP numbers on my toons.