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Nnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo *devastated* Ok not really hehe but that would suck.
I would like it so people can. I had been talking to my boyfriend about us getting married in-game, but then he f'ed it up by marrying the in game girl character... I was rather bummed, game or not, I was really looking forward to it. these were our dedicated characters for playing with each other. Gaming is sort of the main thing we do together.
I was hoping Bioware would follow up with my suggestion about player to player marriage with some different advances then for the companions . IF they come out with this opinion, player marriage, then don't let people get divorce... well there goes that hope.
When asked him about playing swtors with me, I told him about the story I was mapping out and having it kind of based after our alter egos of us in the Star Wars world.... I'm still really bummed, it ruined the whole story thing I had been talking about for a long time and had going... I had made up my star wars role playing character nearly 20 years ago. So, much for our selves in the Star Wars Universe... stupid idea for me to get excited about anyway....