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Sorc is not bad 1v1 at all. I experience difficulties in winning against few specs overall. Here is what i think about it:

- merc/mando
well, i guess sorc is one of the most desirable enemies for them (we're not melee at least). although most of mandos i've seen so far were whether quite bad or heals, but i've seen good ones, apparently able to win a duel. Frankly didn't have pure duels with'em.

- pt/vg
worse for hybrid, in my experience they are 1v1able by madness. If there are obstacles to LOS (like side turrets at civil war) it makes duel pretty easy for sorc, in open it's harder, but still pretty fine for madness

- sniper
as said above, if you can't LOS you'll 100% lose, being able to LOS in my experience makes unbelievable win of sniper. Though as was said above it's not helpful in capping objective - takes enough time for backup to arrive.

- mara
rage is easily 1v1 by both hybrid and madness, as well as carnage and annihilation. Carnage is closer to win because of burst phase - if you eat it you will probably lose this duel. So pushing back, stunning these phases is "Must DO".

- jugg
may be vengeance or tank/vengeance hybrid could cause some problems, but for sure not pure tank and rage

- assassin
in my duels it was mostly 40% winning against them in all specs except pure tank assassin with stacked power (0% chance to win against him so far). every other spec is counterable by both hybrid and madness, but sins are all really good against sorcs and i wouldn't bet for winning any of them.

Summary: didn't list operatives and sorcs for few reasons - didn't duel operatives recently at all (even in wzs), and sorc vs sorc is not a subject of the topic.

And of course, though i mentioned that some specs are easily counterable by sorc (like mara rage for example), it doesn't mean sorcs wins 100%, but it's apparently at least 50+% chance to win + there are always exceptions. I won many duels against good maras and sents, but there are few of them horrifying me in wzs as much as i'm not sure if i will be able to win them 1v1 at all - everyone's skills have its limits so as mine do
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