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I think this mostly comes from them being two, very clear, seperate issues.

One is about a anniversary event, the other about an ingame holiday event. Honestly, I see no issue in the Life Day stuff because, frankly, I can and did choose not to spend anything on it. It was entirely optional.

May I add, that is very much unlike almost every other holiday event in almost every other MMO. Where the holiday activities get slammed in your face like a "must do this now! limited time only activity! you may miss it!!" kind of thing.

My gripe with it, and which I also made clear in my post, is that these Dev created events are, very often, as far removed from Multiplayer activities as anything. They are, usually, single player activities with sometimes one multiplayer activity (like a bonus boss in an instanced dungeon or whatever) and that's it. They are nothing more than reasons to boast eventually. Achievements that you need to spend a lot of personal time on, in a specific time frame, to complete entirely.
The only real MMO aspect comes from being able to show off what you did to other people eventually. Oh yes.. and of course the pain of having dozens of people trying to do the same activities at the same time.. yay! 'fun'!

So yeah.. a bunch of people coming together to light all their free fireworks off at the same time to create a spectacle in Dromund Kaas and filming it is a lot more MMO than what so many people here seem to demand from the Devs. And this is why I applaud the effort of the filmer for this awesome little moment they created.

And being called a fanboi for mentioning that I support a community activity is laughable. Because yeah.. it was Bioware that made those people do that

You can ignore ANY holiday event in ANY game.

The difference in this game is you HAVE to spend $18.00 to participate in............. nothing.
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