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Imperial Agent story is for sure the most dramatic and interesting, but my all round favourite is the Sith Warrior story. It's a slow build up from beginning to end, all the while the epicness grows and grows. Every quest you do seems to have massive effects on the planet/galaxy/war. And it matches really nicely after doing Knight.
however I can't recommend enough playing it 'properly' which so few people do. Instead of just picking LS or DS choices to grind points, instead actually role play it. I have 2 warriors: a juggernaut and marauder. I played the Jug fully DS and it was boring as hell after a while. However, the marauder I played mainly LS but with more than enough DS choices. And it was infinitely more fun and interesting. Instead of playing a dumb (and yes DS Sith are nothing BUT dumb) mindless brute, you play a powerful knight and vanguard for the Empire, hero to your people.

Imperial Agent story is utterly amazing too. You get such a different outlook on everything, and you realise that almost everything that happens in the galaxy is down to Intellligence, not the power plays of Jedi/Sith. You see Galaxy from a 'real' perspective, not of the superhuman Jedi/Sith. But a 'normal' citizen. Plus, you're James Bond meets Hitman.

Bounty Hunter is my least favourite class in game. Chapter 1 is okay, after that it is pretty repetitive and dull.

Sith Inquisitor is weird. Chapter 1 and 2 sucked, but chapter 3 was epic on scale of Agent/Warrior which I personally say does make up for it. It's also very 'different'. As an inquisitor, you really don't give a **** about the Empire, the Republic, the galactic war. Pure interested in your personal exploits. Gaining power, doing ancient Sith rituals etc. so it's a very different feel, some hate it as its completely irrelevant to th 'Star Wars'-ness, but it again is fun to see a different perspective and take on things