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12.29.2012 , 02:19 AM | #409
I accept that the Jedi of the Clone War era are considered more powerful on the whole when it comes to canon, but it has always kind of annoyed me, and I can see why it bothers some people. Let me try to explain.

For all their strong connections to the Force, the Jedi of that era were stupid. Like drooling caveman stupid. I know Sidious is the most powerful Sith ever, blah, blah. But the writing in the prequels just painted the Jedi as morons. I can understand that Sidious could hide his identity, but so many of the decisions the council made, and Yoda in particular, seem boneheaded on the surface with no force visions required. Assigning a clearly hotheaded and troubled Anakin to a clearly manipulative and power-hungry politician was bound to lead to bad things. It doesn't take a Jedi Grand Master to see that. It doesn't take a Jedi Grand Master to see that Anakin was clearly too emotional and leaning towards the dark side. Yet all they do is give him little warnings about fear leading to the dark side. They do nothing to stop him from going down that path. They don't send him somewhere for additional training on controlling his emotions or take him off the front lines to go meditate for a few years.

The other problem is, all of these wonderful powers these guys have are only in the EU. We never see them do pretty much anything other than swing lightsabers in the movies. In general, the EU overpowers everything. Games, comics, books, whatever. In the movies, Jedi use lightsabers and maybe a little telekinesis. Sith use lightsabers and lightning. So all of these powers just seem a bit excessive. Why don't they ever use them in the movies? If they are so powerful, why do they just use lightsabers and not force-mega-crush everything?

Like I said, I accept that this stuff is canon. But I am still bothered by the way the story was written. It's hard to view the Clone War era Jedi as that great when they come off like oblivious tools in the movies.