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First off,

I spelled animation wrong in the title.

This is a suggestion to add in a more ways to customize your character. But not only how your character looks, but also on his animations and weapons in some instances. My idea is this.

The Basics
There 8 classes in the game, 4 on each faction. 4 Republic, 4 Empire. Each of those 4 classes is a mirror counterpart of the other. Yes, there are slight differences. Those differences are what this Suggestion Thread is based on.

As follows:
Jedi Knight (JK) = Sith Warrior (SW)
Jedi Counsolr (JC) = Sith Inquisitor (SI)
Trooper (T) = Bounty Hunter (BH)
Smuggler (S) = Imperial Agent (IA)

The same can be said of each classes 2 Advanced Classes.

(T) Commando = Mercenary (BH)
(T) Vanguard = Powertech (BH)

These Mirror Advanced classes share the same main stats and styles in fighting. They could be flip-floped between the factions and it would still be balanced class wise.

There are slight differences between Classes/ Adv. Classes.

For example: The Vanguard using a rifle and has the ammo (energy system). The Powewrtech has a single blaster pistol and the Heat (energy system)

Let us unlock a feature which allows us choose which set differences (Animations, Abilities, etc.) we want on our Adv. Class.

It would be limited in certain ways:

Obviously your choice would be between your Advanced Classe's Set and the Mirror Adv. Class to your own.

If I was a (T)Vanguard I could choose to use the (BH)Powertechs animations, weapon choices and abilities. I would be a Trooper Vanguard that uses a single Blaster and my animations deal with my arm like the powertech. flamethrower and everything. As a Powertech I could choose to have a rifle and the Vanguard animations.


You DO NOT share the Armor looks of the Mirror Adv. Class. We don't want only Troopers running around reguardless of faction.

As a Bounty Hunter Mercenary you could still have a big cannon like the Trooper Commando. But you would still look like a Bounty Hunter. And a Trooper Commando could have dual blaster pistols like the Bounty Hunter Mercenary. But you would still look like a Republic Trooper.

It would be the entire set of the Adv. Class. You CAN NOT choose individual abilities etc. to swap. All or none.

Would require a certain Legacy Level. Not sure what level. I'm open to thoughts on this.

Not sure if this would be the best way. Just throwing it out there.[/I] Possibly have it tied to to Light / Dark sides.

If you were a Dark side Jedi Consular you could choose the Sith Inquisitor animations etc. Being a dark side jedi shooting electricity.

I did not think about this part of it as much. But it could work.

To keep the need of creating new characters (Alts.) there. A requirement to have a level 50 of each Mirror Adv. Class.
(Idea from -AboB)

Please leave a comment if you like the idea. Keep it on the first page.
Useful feedback is welcome.