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This is the standard PvE VG tank spec. It's not really mentioned much any more because it's relatively self explanatory without much variation: you just avoid the PvP talents (like the slows, immobs, and movement speed increases that are useful in PvP but not in PvE) and take pretty much everything else. The only potentially counterintuitive selection is not taking Soldier's Endurance, but that's mostly due to 3% endurance for 3 talent points being such a massively minute increase to survivability that it's almost nonexistent (at the absolute top tier of content, it's going to equate to ~700-800 hp, which is less than you can expect to be overkilled by); on the other hand, 8% Ion Cell damage and 8% Stockstrike damage are both marked increases to damage, which equates to more threat as well (since Ion Cell and Stockstrike are your 2 major moneymakers as a VG tank).
Sure, 3% endurance isn't that much, but even without the damage boosting talents you should have NP at all keeping aggro anyway, so there's no reason to not have that extra buffer, it does make a difference sometimes - the other tank in my raid group got saved at 14 hp earlier today (no, not 14% - literally 14 hp left).
I used to run that build, but dropped prototype cylinders and iron fist for integrated cardio package about 2 weeks ago, and I haven't missed those talents at all.