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I would still have to give it to Grievous. Grievous has, as already state, a tremendous numbers advantage. Even if the quality of his warriors are less, the sheer numbers provide a great advantage. Mandalore did well against a weakened Republic before Jedi got involved, while Grievous had a full revitalized Republic shaking to its foundation. And let us not forget Ventress's involvement in the matter. Grievous alone had turned a war around from a loss to an almost victory,(This being before his cybernetic days, and the 'almost' because the Republic intervened) and is a brilliant tactician. He may not seem like it at times, but he knows how to use his numbers. And then we have Ventress, a skilled assassin and Dark Jedi who can go 1 v 1 with the most powerful of Jedi. I know little of Cassus Fett, but I am a firm believer that few non-force users, even mandalorians, can best Grievous or Ventress in a 1 v 1 battle. (Feel free to inform me on Cassus Fett, but both Ventress and Grievous's accomplishments speak for themselves) Grievouses has the forces he could essentlially split his fleets and power base in half and give Ventress forces to act on her own, giving Mandalore the Ultimate almost two different enemies, as he would now have to account for both of their actions. ((This would only work if this was used, whether Grievous utilizes this would be left to be seen)) WIth two brilliant and different tacticians, who can also lead their troops and force a path of blood through a battlefield, I would have to still say Grievous has this in the bag. Mandalore would no doubt get a few major victories, but Grievous would have it where it counts.
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