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Myself and a guildie were messing around in outlaws den yesterday trying to see what the biggest hit we could get on each other without armor +wz expertise buff. In a 0/24/17 build I hit him for 4672 on a non crit SS (we tried 3 or 4 times but I never got a crit), based upon my 78% surge and the 30% crit dmg from circling shadows I would have hit him for 10810. A 10k hit for a shadow would be possible, however it would most likely be a setup, or the 1 in 1000 chance that the dude is an idiot and decided to queue for warzones in lvl 32 greens.
Not how that works. It would be 4672 * 2.08 = 9718, NOT 4672 * 1.78 * 1.3

So like you said, guy isn't wearing armor, with 0 expertise, while you have wz expertise buff AND something like inspiration just to break 10k. So it is either a setup or a glitch.
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