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I'd like to agree, but if you have 2 smash spec vs a smash /sorc, they just rape the sorc instantly. two 7.5k hits with 4k(non crit) follow up, each = 23k, in less than 2.5 seconds.

Sorcs are nothing more than fun to play. They get raped.
How is this any different from 2 operatives opening up on a marauder or any other class and instantly stunning them / ****** them while they can't do anything? 2 geared dps operatives can do this, easily. Literally, nothing the single player can do vs that much burst. Same could be said for 2 assassins, or an assassin + operative. Hell, a PT as well. PT + smash is huge burst, and between the two, they get 8 seconds of stun at least, that's enough to kill you.

Saying that "2 people rape 1 player is OP" doesn't really mean anything. Furthermore, why didn't your bubble stun both of them, allowing you time for force speed away and apply dots/kite? Why didn't you use overload to knock them back? Why didn't you use one of your stuns? Hell you could knockback them both, whirlwind one while they are rooted (you do have knockback root, right?), and proceed to start kiting the other player while dotting him up/slowing him. This gives you 15 seconds where his charge is down and he literally can't do much of anything to you, while you get free dps on him. Once he catches up, you get to abosrb his damage and bubble stun him AGAIN, and very soon your knockback / root is back up again.

GOOD sorcs know how to do what I described above, and they make playing smash extremely frustrating. If you just stand there and take it like an idiot, then yes, you will get owned. That's kind of the point of a 2v1. What it sounds like to me is that you:
  • have slow reaction time
  • keyboard turn
  • click your abilities
  • are possibly still learning your class

Yep, my rage friend and I own people like that all day long. Charge in, they stand there with apathy wondering what to do, we smash, they die. L2P.
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