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1 on 1 , I give it to Grievous . I could be wrong but having 4 arms wielding lightsabers is an advantage .

Powerbase , I give it to MTU ! It took a Republic Fleet full of Jedi and Jedi Masters to bring him down . Was no Palpatine playing both sides or games . The Battle was between 2 groups .

Ventress and Grievous largely ran from fights with skills Combatants , until Grievous was at a dead end and had to face Obi-Wan . With no where to run he died .
Ventress is a glorified Apprentice who was not even respected by Dooku who never gave her the title and called her unworthy of it .
If it was not for the Master Chess player Palpatine both Grievous and Ventress would not have made it far .

I almost want to go as far to say MtU would kill Ventress , but that would be pure Opinion .
Mandos like them or not are Warriors who live for battle and do not fear death , something both Ventress and Grievous do !

The begining of the battle will be in Grievous's favor but after awhile the aggressive Mando's will start to crush the Robot Fleet ! Just like the Jedi , MtU will learn quickly that Grievous is a Coward and will run leaving ships that blow in his gettaway .Likely killing Ventress as Grievous cares only for saving his own skin .

Once this hits the ground , Grievous will be trapped as large amount of his own planning was from Sidious and without him telling Grievous what to do next he will run till the end of the line . The Mandos will do as they do best and rip through the Driod Army hungering for Grievous to kill . As they will get no reward for killing Driods.

MtU will likely never get a one on one , which would likely be his doom . The Mando army will be in such a mode to kill , by the time MtU gets to the Ground all that will be left of Grievous is his head and chest .

Almost all the plans Grievous was involved in came from either Sidious or Dooku . In large Grievous was the face to give the orders . I guess that is forgotten , but without Dooku or Sidious , Grievous is a grasping from Breath 4 Arm Light show that largely only beat less skilled Jedi , much like Ventress . Both ending most fights in running for their own lives . Ventress while with soo much promise was shafted by uncaring Masters who did not give her the skills needed to reach her full abilities and skills.
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