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Wow, I think we're getting closer to a final outcome here. lol we might just write this for Beni if we keep it up.

I'll agree, save for the trap. MtU is renown for avoiding them or twisting them to his advantage. I think he'll keep a lot more of his fleet than you think and inflict a bit more damage. Other than that combine my scenario and yours and I think that's how it'll play out.

Aurbere's version = Grievous wins by overwhelming MtU via production post ambush
My version = MtU wins Picking Grievous apart as he tries to rebuild post ambush

Sound about right?

Either way it plays out almost identically. It'll come down to who gets the advantage from that second "ambush" engagement. Would you agree?

Edit: real quick, I agree that if MtU screws up even a little bit, he looses, but I think he really is just that good that he can fight a perfect strategic battle even against the brilliant (if twisted) mind of Grievous.
We are coming to a conclusion for sure. They can both make traps and avoid traps. However, I think Grievous would have the advantage in making traps, simply because of his numbers advantage. Either way, I think they are tactically even.

We should also remember Ventress. If Grievous sees that the Mandalorians are able to outwit him and avoid his traps, he can just send Ventress in to kill MtU.
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