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I've been a fly on the wall but I've got to talk about the whole Sith act that was in the OP.

The post said that there's a problem with Sith that act over the top evil, abuse their positions as Sith and so on. Well I don't know what server he's on because it's actually a struggle to find those Sith on mine! I've only found one after six months! Playing an Imperial Spy, my character is very respectful of Sith, but all too often I come across those who don't even want to be referred to as 'Lord', let alone saluted to.
Well, that's a natural result of this RP community trying to neuter Sith RP because they can't stand the idea that their Bounty Hunter or Imp Agent could get ragdolled around at will by a Force Sensitive.

It's simply a fact of the universe. When you have fellows that can MURDER YOU WITH THEIR MIND, they're going to... be pretty dangerous, and you should probably not stir the pot. But nooo. Because Jimmy the Bounty Hunter's player feels his character should be able to solo a Jedi/Sith one-on-one because he can do so in game mechanics. The natural result, of course, is RP that's as bland and uninteresting as fighting trash mobs out in the world.

It's a large part of why walk-up RP can be so bland at times. You're trying not to step on any oversensitive toes, and nobody wants to play the submissive/servile Imperial (which is what most ought to be). Personally, when I play my Imps, I get tons of bites from Sith precisely because I'm not disregarding their power level. And I have fun, they have fun. Then again, I'm not in RP to show how bad my character is, so perhaps there's that.
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