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I was looking at the Star Wars timeline on Wookipedia and I was wondering, who actually wins in the end? does anyone know? Looking at the last few dates it looks confusing as it seems you have to read quite a lot into it before getting a decent understanding. I don't have time to read in depth right now and probably wouldn't' understand it anyway. Just curious if anyone already has.

These are the last few dates, by reading these and nothing else you get the impression the Empire triumphs.

"130 ABY

The Galactic Alliance is defeated at Coruscant and its remaining territories are absorbed by the Empire which becomes the new galactic government. The Jedi Order is nearly destroyed during a massacre at Ossus, with Kol Skywalker as one of the casualties.
The new Sith Order turns against Emperor Roan Fel and his Imperial Knights. Darth Krayt usurps the Imperial throne, though some parts of the Empire remain loyal to Fel.

137 ABY

Cade Skywalker, bounty hunter and descendant of Luke Skywalker, lives in self-imposed exile from the Jedi. He begins to rediscover his destiny as a Jedi Knight and as a member of the Skywalker family, and rises to fight the new Sith. He embarks on a series of adventures aboard his starship Mynock.
Darth Krayt is killed by Darth Wyyrlok (III) after the Battle on Had Abbadon.

138 ABY

The Galactic Federation Triumvirate is formed.
The One Sith decide on the new strategy of taking over governments planet by planet.
Darth Krayt is killed for a final time by Cade Skywalker."