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War forges, while not the equivalent of the Kuat Drive Yards or other such production facilities. These installations would serve a similar purpose to the droid's factories and I feel could keep the Mandos in the fight for a short-early mid length fight. It's just the longer the fight, the worse things will look for MtU.

My interpretation of how this would happen. The Mandos would stab the CIS a few times prompting Grievous to overreach in a massive counter to conquer many worlds. MtU would set a trap, whereby he sacks a planet or two (away from his forges) and makes his own strike at the CIS main fleet. A bold move, Grievous would at first laugh and try to fight and *NOT recall any ships because he wants a total victory. Quickly though, the sheer firepower coming from the Mando fleet will carve its way to surround and slowly choke the CIS fleet. Now Grievous begins to get wary. He preps his escape rout and recalls ships to assist him. Unfortunately for him MtU orders a final push and begins to rip holes in the center of the CIS fleet and heads for Grievous's command ship to face his rival in combat. Grievous runs, orders the fleet to retreat (loosing much of it) and groups up with another fleet that had just arrived. MtU quickly retreats.

From here Grievous is skittish when confronted with MtU's main fleet. Thus he constantly recalls ships to his aid. From here MtU uses this to pick off poorly defended CIS factories and smaller fleets. (in which Mando quality utterly decimates the CIS who have lost much of their numbers in these engagements). Grievous will set numerous traps but MtU will use these to strike positions heavily while he sacrifices a smaller force in the trap. If MtU ends up getting enough factories. He will then just out produce Grievous (hard to believe I know) but that allows MtU to finally crush Grievous's main fleet. MtU will see Grievous as a coward by now so he'll have no desire to fight in 1v1 combat. The end.
A valid point, but you haven't taken a few things into account.

Remember that Grievous himself is an excellent tactician. He was able to outmaneuver the Jedi and force them to spread their forces thin across the galaxy. Again note that Grievous was facing a far larger Republic military than the Mandalorians as well as the Jedi. The Mandalorians were bested by the Revanchists who had severely fewer numbers than the PT Jedi (and obviously less powerful ones).

Grievous also has limitless numbers. Mandalore does not. Grievous can make more droids. Mandalore can not. Mandalore can win battles, but each battle will chip away at Mandalore's forces. He also has superior vehicles. These vehicles will allow Grievous to win the land battles pretty easily.

As to space engagements. This is more difficult to call. Mandalore has superior ships, but again he doesn't have the numbers for it. Grievous' fleets, and ability to build more ships quickly, allowed him to outmaneuver the Republic on several occassions and spread its forces thin across the galaxy.

IF your scenario plays out, you will find that not everything will go according to plan. Grievous can bring all of those numbers to bear on Mandalore's fleets. You overestimate Mandalore's fleets. Again we can visit the Mandalore Wars to see how his fleet fared against fleets of significantly fewer numbers than Grievous'. Once Revan joined the war, the Mandalorians were quickly pushed back and routed. Grievous not only has the numbers to do this, but the tactical know-how to do it as well.

Or he can have Ventress assassinate Mandalore.
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