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Here are the two specs I play (balance).
I use this, but currently max penetrating light and clammorning force, and have inner strength at zero. I average 450K-550k in average timed wz, and my top is 760K and best dps was 1050. However, I want to take two points out of penetrating light and dump into inner strength due to running low on force going into a 1-9-31 build...I use noble sacrifice now but could be spending that time laying more dps so that's why I want to switch. I don't think I want to put 2 points into tk defense because I'm a believer in maxing my dot strength with balance and let the healers help me here as we'll as utilizing dot heals.

With my 3-7-31 build I currently run for pve, and I give other classes a run for their $ with it. Elemental proc relic is huge here.
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