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actually obi was only 20 bucks it took me a while to find it but thats what it was not sure about the others but i think they were only 20 bucks as well..... and a lot of the things you said about obi was wrong if you kept reading a few posts later you would see my other post that actually gave a link and there was a lot of things for crafters to make and no im not talking about the stupid cube and there was a hell of a lot more exploring in Obi than there is on any of the largest planets in tor. and new mounts and speeders are still new mounts and speeders o boo hoo you had to do a quest to get it or you had to buy it from some one else gee, new robes and armor is still new and most things become obsolete within 6 months usually because newer stuff comes out later on in the year so don't be daft. and so i was wrong about the second slot, its been 7 years i could get a couple of things wrong, i was prolly just remembering it that way because that is when i unlocked my jedi

we don't know what all is going to be in Tor's exp but from what we have heard so far it don't come close to Obi and its the same price. "unless you are subber then you get a discount" yea yea yea we know but think about it from the other perspective!! if you were a free to play person would you actually drop 20 bucks on that?? i bet you wouldn't!!!
Are you really comparing the price of something from 2005 to the price of something in 2013? How much was gas in 2005?