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i play a sage on bastion..from my experience i lost fights and i won some solo..alot of people dont understand the concept to sorc /sages..this is one class thats not friendly to people who backpeddles, keyclick and keyturn..espcially against a skill melee player..

i will fight anybody or class alone..lot of fights i do lose its very close..sages/sorcs you must use strategy with the class..we are not like juggs or maras where any idiot can herp derp smash and hit big..this is techiniques and skills the player must find on there own..

lot of sorc/sages wont fight certain classes they will run away..only way you get better at your class is learning how the other classes works in terms of fighting win the fight you have to lose a few sum it up sorcs/sages dont have the burst to win a battle..they do have the tools to win a war it depends on how you play the toon..

lastly since i play a sage i fought many sorcs on bastion terms of skill and sorc atm is Best World..the dude have game with the sorc and i seen him beat melee classes from sents to juggs in 1 vs 1 duels in outlaw den.
Full balance sages are really good at 1v1s.