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First of all it is pretty much impossible to SAP someone then somehow instantly Exit stealth and cap at the exact same moment. No matter what the circumstances there will be a small gap where the sap ends and you can hit the sin capping because the sap is the same as the cap time
And no, in duels it's not the same. In duels a merc/sorc can actually heal in the middle of combat. You don't even have to be out of combat they can heal any time they know it won't be interrupted. It's a pretty big dif that really favors healing classes that are smart enough to kite properly
For the pylons if they are less than 8s to cap then that's a warzone design problem not a sin/op design problem. Every other wz is 8s. You even said yourself "pylon time should be longer" because that's the fix, not nerfing sins. And his is a qq about sins thread not a pylon or wz thread so why are you postin it here?
Lastly, as a million people have stated already use the breaker when you see the sin/shadow seethe and it completely nullifies it, and that's what this thread is about, not pylons

L2p issue and always will be
You clearly don't play a merc/scoundrel/sage dps if you think they can heal well as dps specs.

But this thread is entirely pointless since you can set whatever the **** rules you want to when you duel someone. If they don't agree, don't duel them. Problem solved.