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So ive been 50 for a few days have about 6 pieces of Weapon Masters and cant help but notice the Negative Rating to Accuracy Rating the gear gives... Knowing 110% is ideal Im in a bit of a conundrum. Seeing that the Elite version of WeaponMasters increases the rating back up should I invest in Accuracy Augment 22's for my gear or keep stacking Might Augment 22's...
For normal WZs, you'll only need +5% to hit total. Everyone except consulars have 5% base defense. Anyone who has more than that is a tank, and you shouldn't be hitting tanks in the first place, and you'll never get enough accuracy to make a diff against tanks.

For RWZ where there is ALWAYS a guardian tank, you'd probably want to up your hit to +10% because they have that talent that reduces your hit by 5%.