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Hi guys, I have read many posts now about how the BH need to get internal damage relics and all have said that elemental relics are wrong for a BH. However, what has confused me is this

A BH Pyro uses CGC. This produces among other things a chance to deal an additional 10% elemental damage. So why then, should the PT Pyro class, not use the Dread Relic of Elemental Transcendence (which is elemental)? The post i refer to says the below relics are for the following classes:

Dread Guard Relic of Elemental Transcendence - Elemental - Force Users without Armor Pen
Dread Guard Relic of Dark Radiance - Internal - Tech Users without Armor Pen
Dread Guard Relic of the Cerulean Nova - Energy - Force users with Armor Pen
Dread Guard Relic of the Kinetic Tempest - Kinetic - Tech users with Armor Pen

I am confused as I obviously want the best out of my BH. Also, should I stick with the Matrix Cube M7-B3 or change this also to a dread?

Would really appreciate some help in understandable english :P

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