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12.28.2012 , 06:54 PM | #18
On my Sniper I hVe never ever come close to losing to a Sorcerer, and I honestly don't know how you could. A corruption Sorc isn't going to kill anything, ever. A lightning Sorc that is allowed to cast while you have an interrupt and a flashbang means you deserve to lose, but even then, going toe to toe with any sniper spec and the Sorc is behind damage wise. The only way I could see a Sorc having any advantage is a Madness Sorc trying to DOT up a Marksman Sniper. Lethality DOT's far outperform Madness DOT's so that can't be what you're talking about, and Engineering isn't far behind, will actually pull ahead if the Sorc turrets to channel Force Lightning at all. And if he doesn't do that, he won't get any wrath procs, and engineering sniper will actually be.pretty equal DOT wise to that.

So the only way a Sorcerer can beat a Sniper, is if he specs madness, the Sniper specs MM, the sorc manages to fully DOT the Sniper, and run for cover to heal. Then do it again. Then run LOS and heal again. And again. A full affliction does just over 2k dmg. Full creeping Terror does about the same. Full CRushing Darkness does I believe another 3k. Add in.a force.lightning or two each round, and a deathfield. The Sniper might die the second time you hide to heal, but it will be close. Tell me when killing somebody solo over a matter of 30-40+ seconds is useful in objective based PVP? Sure not useful in huttball. If there is a solo defender on one node, and he doesn't call for help at all, and nobody randomly goes to check on that node, is the only time it would be useful, and if the team is that bad, it won't matter anyways.

I said in another thread, if my Sniper gets jumped by two people 2 vs 1, I have a very good chance of killing one of them. If my Sorc gets jumped by 2 people, I have a very good chance of doing less than 25% damage to one of them.